Beer Bullshit + Brains Episode #02

In this episode, we discuss Galaxy Zoo, Atlantis and Naruto, as well as this week's beer choices, and plenty of Bullshit.

Episode #02 Show Notes

Here are the links to stories discussed in this week's episode.

Galaxy Zoo 2

Google Finds Atlantis

Dude with Sniper Rifle and Google kills Bambi

Biotechnology Seed Companies Are Thwarting Research

Fan art!

A gifted artist, friend, and I hope a fan of this podcast, Brady Scott made us a funny little graphic. There is a little a bit of a joke about the 40 oz. in the guys hand too. Maybe next podcast Justin and I can retell the shenanigans.

— Tony


We had to postpone our regulary scheduled podcast due to time conflicts. Basically Scott had to be all brainy and stuff and give a lecture somewhere, go figure....

I'll give you some entertainment anyway, enjoy.

— Tony