Just overwhelm them with the data

I've been arguing with folks on facebook a lot lately, because they claim they don't "believe in" climate change. I quickly realized that I don't have to explain the mountain of data from scratch, because there are groups already set up to do this. So, here's the 4th IPCC report on global climate change:


Sorry single ladies . . .

Our very own resident Bullshitter, Tony, got hitched last weekend. Massive B^3 Congratulations!

Well, this is embarassing . . .

Another great article in the Science Times about the appalling state of biology education in this country.

Pike Brewery "Monks Uncle"

My wife was kind enough to bring me back a few souvenir beers from local breweries in Seattle. One of them was Monks Uncle, a tripel made by Pike. (http://www.pikebrewing.com/beers_PikeMonksUncle.shtml)
Outstanding beer. Great complexity, nice floral aromas and highly drinkable. I'm looking forward to trying more of their products whenever I get a chance to visit.