Beer Bullshit + Brains Episode #06

Thanks to Justin for leaving in my repeated bloopers at the beginning! Basically we talk about zombie ants and the Large Hadron Collider and beer!

Episode #06 Show Notes

This episode we discussed ZOMBIES!! Go figure. But we talked about zombie ants this time. We also bullshitted about the Large Hadron Collider, antimatter, and "Angels and Demons."

Brain-Controlling Flies to Triumph Over Alien Ants?

While the cat's away: How removing an invasive species devastated a World Heritage island

Large Hadron Collider Homepage

FAQ about the LHC and "Angels and Demons"

Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the earth yet? Be sure to check out the source code.

Kate McAlpine, author of the LCH Rap

The Reality of Blogging

"Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few."

I love demotivators. This is from a new one that I can't help but think applies to us.

Sean Tevis, a follow up.

Last week I posted about Sean Tevis, the Kansas information architect and pseudo web celeb was again running for political office.

We at the BB+B are all originally from the ... ah sort of great ... I guess... state of Kansas and fully support what Sean Tevis is doing. He is a normal guy, trying to make government less douchetastic (Yes, I said douchetastic, if Colbert can make up cool words, so can I). Instead of relying on lobbyists and corporate funding to fuel his campaign, Tevis uses small donations he gets from the internet.

A friend over at Bloggasm recently interviewed Sean Tevis, check it out.

— Tony

Social Statistics Art

Click on the title for some really profound visualized statistics. Very impressive stuff.

— Scott

Beer Bullshit + Brains Episode #05

We hope you enjoy our special Swine flu edition of Beer Bullshit + Brains! Scott, Tony and Justin debate and discuss the over reaction of the public and mass media, the complete and utter uselessness of face masks to stop a fucking virus, and throw out some cold hard facts about the H1N1 influenza virus.

Episode #05 Show Notes

This week we address some of the real facts about the H1N1 "Swine flu" virus and the surrounding media hype. Oh yeah, we talk about zombies and vampires again.

Here are some links to more information if you would like to enlighten yourself more.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention H1N1 Information

World Health Organization H1N1 Information

How to Build Natural Immunity against the Swine Flu

Swine flu name change?

Israeli official urges name change for 'swine flu'

Sean Tevis 2010

I am so donating money to this guy.

He is running yet another grass roots internet campaign for the Kansas House this time.

— Tony


I'm thinking of submitting this to the Florida Citizen's for Science stick figure contest. Any thoughts?

— Justin

There's life on Mars!...No, wait....nevermind, it's just a rock

We now have proof of aliens living on Mars. And by living, I really mean dead. And by aliens, I mean rocks.

Spirit, one of the Martian rovers, took a picture of a rock. In one of the thousands of pictures of millions of rocks, there is a rock that kind of looks like a skull. If I use my imagination, it reminds me of the crystal skull from Indiana Jones if the skull was made out of basalt and carved by an 8 year old. It is just a case of paradolia, when the mind recognizes some random thing as something familiar, like a face. The are plenty of examples of this on Mars. Like this one:

This image hit the net last year. It shows Bigfoot strolling around on Mars, that is, if Bigfoot were 3 inches tall and could survive in an oxygen-free atmosphere that is 1% a thick as Earth's. Sorry, crazy believers, just another rock. I'm sure in the future, there will be plenty more photos like these as long as the rovers continue to function. The human mind is very good at deceiving its self.

Special thanks to Kate who sent in the link.

— Justin

Congrats, Elyse

If you listened to our last episode, you would have heard Tony, Scott and I drinking beer and bullshitting with Elyse from Skepchick. You might have noticed that while we were drinking, some of us to excess, Elyse wasn't partaking. In her latest post on Skepchick, she reveals why. BBB would like to congratulate her and wish her and the world's littlest skeptic the best of luck!

— Justin

Stop Talking about Arlen Specter

Speculation that the Democrats will now have some magic 60 bullet to push legislation past a veto with the addition of Senator Specter to the fold is preposterous. He was performing poorly in Republican primary polling because he does not stick to the party platform in votes. His party line jump does absolutely nothing to change the makeup of the senate except change the color of his seat from red to blue on the little TV pundit maps.

I am assuming that the Obama administration is smart enough to know that trying to push bills through without bipartisan support with this new pseudo-supermajority is doomed to failure, I just can't understand why the news organizations don't get it.
If you check out his voting record, by the way, Arlen is an interesting fellow: Pro-choice, supports education funding, pro-gay rights (but not gay marriage), anti-gun control and pro-death penalty. I certainly don't agree with all of his positions, but I certainly respect that he sticks to his guns. (Couldn't resist the cheap pun.)

— Scott


The first Saturday of May for the last few years has been Free Comic Book Day in the U.S. Everybody loves free stuff, so head over to your local comic book store, grab some schwag and maybe buy something too.

I plan on picking up "Attack of the Alterna-Zombies" The synopsis of the book is made of awesome. "The zombie menace invades the Alterna-Verse in this FCBD exclusive! Alterna Comics characters have turned into zombies and it's up to Jesus and Lincoln to defeat them and restore normality to their world."

How can you go wrong with Jesus and Abe Lincoln fighting zombies ... for FREE!

— Tony

Rap Chop!

"You're gonna love my nuts." I swear I have listened to this about 50 times.

— Tony