There's life on Mars!...No, wait....nevermind, it's just a rock

We now have proof of aliens living on Mars. And by living, I really mean dead. And by aliens, I mean rocks.

Spirit, one of the Martian rovers, took a picture of a rock. In one of the thousands of pictures of millions of rocks, there is a rock that kind of looks like a skull. If I use my imagination, it reminds me of the crystal skull from Indiana Jones if the skull was made out of basalt and carved by an 8 year old. It is just a case of paradolia, when the mind recognizes some random thing as something familiar, like a face. The are plenty of examples of this on Mars. Like this one:

This image hit the net last year. It shows Bigfoot strolling around on Mars, that is, if Bigfoot were 3 inches tall and could survive in an oxygen-free atmosphere that is 1% a thick as Earth's. Sorry, crazy believers, just another rock. I'm sure in the future, there will be plenty more photos like these as long as the rovers continue to function. The human mind is very good at deceiving its self.

Special thanks to Kate who sent in the link.

— Justin

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