Stop Talking about Arlen Specter

Speculation that the Democrats will now have some magic 60 bullet to push legislation past a veto with the addition of Senator Specter to the fold is preposterous. He was performing poorly in Republican primary polling because he does not stick to the party platform in votes. His party line jump does absolutely nothing to change the makeup of the senate except change the color of his seat from red to blue on the little TV pundit maps.

I am assuming that the Obama administration is smart enough to know that trying to push bills through without bipartisan support with this new pseudo-supermajority is doomed to failure, I just can't understand why the news organizations don't get it.
If you check out his voting record, by the way, Arlen is an interesting fellow: Pro-choice, supports education funding, pro-gay rights (but not gay marriage), anti-gun control and pro-death penalty. I certainly don't agree with all of his positions, but I certainly respect that he sticks to his guns. (Couldn't resist the cheap pun.)

— Scott

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