An Annoying in Connecticut

A haunted house in Connecticut is becoming a nightmare for it's owners, and not because of the ghosts. The home, a formal funeral parlor, is the subject of the upcoming movie, "A Haunting in Connecticut" and has curious fans, ghost hunters and other morons coming to look.

The movie is loosely based on events that happened to the Snedeker family in the 1980's, and when I say "loosely based on," what I really mean is totally made up. The Snedekers claimed their son would hear strange noises, see shadows on the wall of people who were not there. A niece visiting the home said she felt hands on her body as she tried to sleep, and her covers levitated. Ed and Lorraine Warren, the paranormal researchers of Amityville Horror fame, visited the home and witnessed the evil presence. Of course, I don't think the Warrens ever visited a house that they weren't convinced wasn't haunted.

Anyway, fans of the movie which they haven't seen yet and people who believe in ghost stories have been visiting the house at all hours, scaring the children of the current residents, and basically being general dickholes. The local police have even had to add extra patrols around the home.

I swear, some people are retarded. Some "haunted houses," such as the Winchester House are worth visiting just for the historical value of the thing. Other homes are worth visiting if you are huge fans of the movie or series in which it was featured. The Brady Bunch home, anyone? But this house has neither. It isn't and never has been haunted. The movie looks pretty crappy and it isn't even out yet. The only reason I can think of that people might want to visit it, is that it seems like it is one of the few homes that hasn't been foreclosed one.

Leave those poor people alone.

— Justin

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