Space Station Colbert

The votes are in. And the winner is...Colbert.

NASA's online contest to name the next module for the International Space Station ended Friday with almost 1.2 million votes cast. And Stephen Colbert won. And by a lot. Personally, I think that is funny as hell. You would think that in this day and age, with a bridge in Hungary, a sports team's mascot and an eagle named after Colbert, people would stop allowing write-ins on their naming contests. Stephen will just hijack your contest and get it named after him. You know he will.

Anyway, if NASA allows it, it looks like the internet fanboys have won . If they don't, the internet fanboys still win because the second place winner is Serenity (which of course is the name of the space ship in the cult classic Firefly series and movie).

I really doubt NASA is going to name Node 3, "Colbert," but if they do, whenever I see that bright point of light streaking across the night sky, I won't be able to help but think of this...

— Justin

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