Episode #03 Show Notes

This episode we discussed beer, beer and more beer, climate change with economic shifts, and vampires!

Here are the links to stories discussed in this week's episode.

Beer Benefits

Italy dig unearths female 'vampire' in Venice

Is the Financial Crisis Saving the Planet?

The Artwork of Brady Scott

Dinosaur Comics, Zombies vs. Vampires

As a footnote to the "Bullshit Question of the Week," I have been doing some research on vampire regeneration. In the classical Nosferatu, Vlad the Impaler & Bram Stoker Dracula stories I could find no mention of regeneration.

Yet in more contemporary stories of vampires, the supernatural powers of these undead keep growing and expanding further in to the realm of super anti-heroism, without any limits. These increased powers also have a relation to age, the older the vampire, the more super powers they seem to acquire.

One prime example if from the Japanese animation series "Hellsing" which tells the tale of Alucard, a ridiculously over powered vampire, that oddly enough works with humans to kill other vampires. Alucard does have the power of unlimited regeneration, which makes him pretty much impossible to kill. At least Superman had Kryptonite.

Justin has a point as do I, but since we did not define the terms of classic vampire mythology or contemporary comic book and manga undead, I will admit defeat.

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