Making fun of religion is now a crime

According to a Reuters article, the United Nations passed a resolution Thursday condemning "defamation of religion." The resolution was introduced by Pakistan, and is supposed to protect religious minorities from intolerance and discrimination, specifically the Muslim community. I really don't think the resolution is going to affect us much here in the U.S., however, in the Muslim world and possibly Europe, this is a bad thing to any one who speaks out against religion. This could be used a justification for curtailing people's free speech all around the world. Canada's representative to the UN said this:

"It is individuals who have rights, not religions. Canada believes that to extend (the notion of) defamation beyond its proper scope would jeopardize the fundamental right to freedom of expression, which includes freedom of expression on religious subjects."

It's scary to think that I could go to jail for calling a religion retarded.

— Justin

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