Node 3 is called what?

So Node 3 for the International Space Station finally got its official name announced the other day. And I am still baffled...

There was an online poll/contest on the NASA website where Internet users could vote from a list of four NASA suggested names for the node or submit their own choice. There was a big a media hullabaloo about it after the poll closed on March 20 because Stephen Colbert urged his minions of Colbert Nation to vote for him. "Colbert" was the #1 poll winner followed closely by the NASA suggested name "Serenity."

Pretty much everyone expected NASA to baulk on the name Colbert, so that was not a shock to me at all. What really pisses me off is that NASA fucking named Node 3 "Tranquility." That name was not even on their own God damn list of suggested names! So really, what the fuck was the poll for in the first place?

Oh, but I should mention they did try to appease the masses by naming the treadmill the "Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill" or C.O.L.B.E.R.T.

I want to give NASA a high-five, then pull it back at the last second and call them a loser. Not only did they agitate the Colbert flock, I am sure the "Firefly" fan boys are raising a stink too, since "Serenity" was on NASA's list, it technically won, and they named the node something completely not on the list.

Fuck you NASA.

— Tony

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