Oh Shit Wolvy, you got jacked.

So I know this is old news by now, but it deserves a little back peddle...

About two weeks ago the movie "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" was leaked to the net and lit up the piracy networks like the Forth of July. Now the bad thing is that it was not a crappy cam job, this was a freaking DVD quality leak... nearly a month before the movie even hit theaters. Shit.

There were over 100,000 downloads ON THE FIRST DAY IT WAS UP. That is a box office killer. Now 20th Century Fox is going on the warpath, they are pretty much fucking pissed. They claim that they are working with the FBI to find the leak, charge it with something, and make sure the leak gets plugged by a big burly man named Francis in prison.

At first I thought it was great, the movie was easily available for people to watch and enjoy for free. Then I realized this could be very, very bad for the Internet pirates. Very bad.

Before now, the only thing that was leaked was DVDs before they hit the shelves, and a bunch of shitty cam jobs of current films. That only affects DVD sales, and in my opinion, very minimally. If you enjoy the film and want the special features, you have to buy or rent it anyway. And cam jobs are for the most part a huge waste of time, shitty sound and video, just go to the theater you twat.

With that said, "Wolverine" threatens this happy little co-existence. I am not really looking forward to the repercussions of the HUGE leak.

— Tony

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